Thursday, June 4, 2009

One Day at a Time is All I can Do

Today was almost an alright day for me then I started crying tonight wondering what I did that was so wrong that you had to end our friendship as well as whatever else might have been between us.
I know I stated before that this is not about me and I wasn't going to be selfish but I really didn't do anything wrong. You think I wanna feel this way?! I know you have feels for me because if you didn't you wouldn't have said the things you did. I know you're not in the business of leading people on. Whatever this is that's going on I hope you figure it out soon. I've been a good friend: loyal, supportive, encouraging, someone to talk to and laugh with. I'm unique and one of a kind. There's a million other girls who are all the same and if you let this pass you by you'll end up with one of these cloans and you'll never really be happy.

"How could you love me?" How could you even ask me this. I love you for the same reasons why you love me! I can quote you on every word you ever said to me. Once you said " I never met a girl [girlfriend] who could be my mate too...cos that's what I want." That's the ticket right there. We're friends. You see, I could never love a guy I couldn't be friends with either. So the reasons why I love you as a friend are pretty much the same reasons why I am so in love with you romantically.

Pretty soon I'll need some answers from you. I'll need to know whether or not I can move on or keep playin the fool.


Kayla said...

I saw your blog on the group one Facebook blogspot and just so you know Im on the same road just ended a relationship and the reason?? I dont know but my hearts a little brokenhearted too stick in there and take it a day at a time girl!!!

Kayla :)