Thursday, June 11, 2009

I'm Done.

I never thought this would happen! I met someone who is so totally amazing. I thought I'd never get over you. I thought you were the one. I was so wrong. How many tears have I wasted...cried in vain, prayed in vain. You spent the better part of a year telling me one thing and in the spanse of four days retracting it all?! Well I'm over you now. Some would say Im rushing things but I do what my heart tells me to do. I found someone with all the courage and passion to love me back and distantance doesn't matter to him.

You painted yourself "a nice guy" but you're not. I cryed, begged, pleaded with you and still you left me with tears and a broken heart. You had the audacity to come 2 weeks later and speak to me as if nothing was the matter!

You think you have a "thick skin" you don't. I tare down those walls with my words and you rebuff me because you know I speak the truth. You had no problem hurting me as long as you dont get hurt. Well now because you've callously disregarded my feelings you've lost a chance at love with me and you've lost a good friend.

I have a new love and I thank my lucky stars for him. He wants to give me the world and though I don't deserve the world, I deserve someone who thinks I do.

I'm done. It's over. Being your friend is a bigger burden than I can carry and I'm so sorry because you were a good friend to me but I want more than you're willing to give and I'd get over that if it weren't for how cruel you've been.



Ica said...

That is great :d what you doing ?? i have beemn in the sun and be little red on my body right now :d i selling stuff from my scrapbooking i have lite problems with the money this time